Corey B. Bearak

    Government & Public Affairs Counsel                                     Attorney-At-Law

(718) 343-6779     facsimile (888) 379-3492

Government & Public Affairs Counsel

(718) 343-6779
facsimile (888) 379-3492


Strategic Political Counsel

Strategic Public Policy and Government Affairs:
Counsel on law, legislation, and policy (including public safety, government structure, census, education, environment, housing, land use, and transportation); develop legislation and policy; devise and implement strategies to advance legislation and policy initiatives. Budget and Fiscal Advisor (manage capital and expense budgets; budget, fiscal and tax reform). Environment and Land-Use Planning (representation, counsel and technical assistance).

Strategic Political Consulting and Campaign Management:
Campaign Management (Devise and implement field and media strategies; petitions; endorsements, labor, political and community outreach; compliance); Project Management (Develop, recommend and implement strategies to advance policies, priorities and initiatives; manage and/or coordinate the implementation of policies, priorities and initiatives, including projects and task forces); Staff-training and Technical Assistance (train key staff; advise on agency structure and operations).

Strategic Media and Public Affairs:
Serve as an authorized spokesperson to electronic and print news media; develop and manage communication and marketing strategies - including traditional print, electronic and new media platforms - to advance initiatives; perform intergovernmental and community relations, including representation and testimony at community, public and government meetings and news conferences; and resolve problems with government. Draft speeches, news releases, statements, oped articles, letters to the editor, briefings, testimonies, position papers and newsletters. Website Management (Devise content and appearance).

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