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Government & Public Affairs Counsel

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City Council Projects

City Council Laws and Legislation:

  • 1993 Local Law 1, which created an independent civilian review board
  • The Spill Bill, the law mandating cleanup of accidental releases of hazardous substances or assessing three times the cost of any cleanup performed by the City of New York (The Hazardous Substance Emergency Response Law) [1987 Local Law 42]
  • The Right to Know Law, mandating the disclosure of toxic chemicals [1988 Local Law 26]
  • The Law banning apartment house incinerators [1989 Local Law 39]
  • The law regulating the disposal of medical waste [1988 Local Law 60; 1989 Local Laws 39 and 75]
  • The landmark New York City Recycling Law [Local Law 19 of 1989]
  • Alternative fuels vehicles purchasing Law [1991 Local Law 6]
  • The 1991 ban on possessing or sale (or other disposition) of Assault Weapons (with magazines holding five or more rounds) [Local Law 78]
  • The Social Club law [1990 Local Law 23]
  • The Law establishing an Anti-Graffiti Task Force [1991 Local Law 3]
  • The Law empowering police officers to summons the illegal sale of graffiti tools [1985 Local Law 34]
  • Increase of the entry age limit for police officers to age 35 [1998 Local Law 23]
  • Mandating the Police Department to report their response times to crimes [1991 Local Law 89]
  • The merger of the EMS into the Fire Department [1996 Local Law 20 and MOU]
  • The law saving most of the fire boxes and requiring all remaining boxes to be voice-activated [1996 Local Law 35]
  • Regulating the sale and possession of box cutters [1998 Local Law 22]
  • Prohibiting the sale or transfer of handguns without a safety locking device [1998 Local Law 21]
  • Require smoke detectors in ALL one-, two-, and three-family homes by filing an Affidavit of proof of installation with the (NYC) Finance Department before its accepts a new deed for filing [1989 Local Law 81]
  • Requiring smoke detectors in garden apartments (aka "garden type maisonette" [rental, cooperatives and condominium]) dwellings [1989 Local Law 82]
  • Prevent illegal extra units in private homes by requiring the electric utility (Con Ed) to notify (NYC) Building Department of applications to install additional electric meters in one-, two-, and three-family residences. [1991 Local Law 73]
  • Religious Vandalism Law [1986 Local Law 13]
  • Illegal Posting Law [1985 Local Law 30]
  • Establishes Rebuttable Presumption for Illegal Posting [1993 Local Law 111]
  • Establishes and implements a city-wide sanitation enforcement routing system [1990 Local Law 31]
  • Requires a study of, and establishes, a pilot sanitation enforcement routing system [1989 Local Law 30]
  • Computers in Schools
  • Set fair prices charged to owners for sidewalk replacement [1987 Local Law 48]
  • Regulate Noisy Power Tools [1996 Local Law 6]
  • Licenses/Regulates booting companies [1997 Local Law 88; 1995 Local Law 24]
  • Legislation to set water and sewer rates after the Council adopts the budget (passed Council, vetoed by Mayor) [1994 Int. No. 72-A]
  • Proposed clean water law 
  • In-place asbestos regulation [1987 Local Law 21]
  • Solid waste reduction measures
  • Local Law 19 regulations and implementation

City Council Speeches, Statements and Newsletters:

  • Two-Cities template (see highlighted text, page 2) in West Cunningham Park Civic speech (April 30, 1997)

Capital Budget Projects:

  • Technology in Schools/ Computer Labs/ in Classrooms [PS26Q, PS 33Q, PS35Q, PS46Q, PS115Q, PS133Q, PS135Q, PS186Q, PS188Q, PS191Q, PS203Q, PS205Q, PS213Q PS221Q and IS109Q, Cardozo H.S., Martin Van Buren High School, Queensborough Community College] (Note: ALL schools in district got State-of-the-Art Computer labs)
  • Libraries [Bellerose, Fresh Meadows, Glen Oaks, Hollis (ADA), North Hills, Queens Village (ADA), Windsor Park]
  • Parks & Playgrounds [Alley Pond, Cunningham Park PS18Q, PS26Q PS33Q, PS46, PS135, MS67Q, IS74,PS115, PS133Q, MS158Q, MS172Q, PS186Q, PS188Q, PS203Q, PS 205Q, PS213Q, Alley-Athletic, Glen Oaks Oval, McLaughlin Playground, P. Pond, Queens Farm Museum, Memorial Field]
  • School projects [PS18Q IS74Q, MS 172Q, PS191Q, PS203Q, PS221Q, Martin Van Buren]
  • Streets & Flood Relief [Floral Park Street reconstruction, Bayside Hills, Queens Village bet Hillside/ Ja Aves., Springfield to 211 Street, 77th Avenue Bayside, 77th Crescent, (outside) PS98Q, 53rd Avenue, 210-213th Streets]

Expense Budget Programs:

  • Youth Programs [PS18Q, PS26Q, PS46Q, IS109Q, PS135Q, PS178Q, PS186Q, PS188Q, PS203Q, PS205Q, PS213Q, IS109Q, Beacon Program at MS172Q Cardozo High School, Bayside High School, Francis Lewis High School, American Martyrs, Pride of Judea ("PRIDE"), APEC, Our Lady of Blessed Sacrament, Our Lady of Lourdes (Queens Village Catholic Youth Center)]
  • Seniors [Services Now for Adult Persons ("SNAP"), Samuel Field Y (now "Common Point"), JBFCS/PRIDE, Queens Jewish Community Council ("QJCC")]

Traffic Safety and Community:

  • "Rest on Red" Traffic Lights at Langdale Street and 80th Avenue and at 86th Avenue and 249th Street
  • Traffic Signals at Hillside Avenue at 205th and 204th Streets, Little Neck Parkway at 59th Avenue, Hillside Avenue at 235 Court, Bell Boulevard and 64th Avenue, Grand Central Parkway Service Road/entrance to North Shore Towers and Northern Boulevard at 249 Street.
  • "All-way Stop" signs at 64th Avenue and Cloverdale Boulevard, 81st and 83rd Avenues at Langdale Street
  • new Waldbaums supermarket for Glen Oaks

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