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Government & Public Affairs Counsel

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City Council Projects

City Council Laws and Legislation:

  • 1993 Local Law 1, which created an independent civilian review board
  • The Spill Bill, the law mandating accidental releases of hazardous substances (The Hazardous Substance Emergency Response Law) [1987 Local Law 42]
  • The Right to Know Law, mandating the disclosure of toxic chemicals [1988 Local Law 26]
  • The Law banning apartment house incinerators [1989 Local Law 39]
  • The law regulating the disposal of medical waste [1988 Local Law 60; 1989 Local Laws 39 and 75]
  • The landmark New York City Recycling Law [Local Law 19 of 1989]
  • Alternative fuels vehicles purchasing Law [1991 Local Law 6]
  • The 1991 ban on possessing or sale (or other disposition) of Assault Weapons (with magazines holding five or more rounds) [Local Law 78]
  • The Social Club law [1990 Local Law 23]
  • The Law establishing an Anti-Graffiti Task Force [1991 Local Law 3]
  • The Law empowering police officers to summons the illegal sale of graffiti tools [1985 Local Law 34]
  • Increase of the entry age limit for police officers to age 35 [1998 Local Law 23]
  • Mandating the Police Department to report their response times to crimes [1991 Local Law 89]
  • The merger of the EMS into the Fire Department [1996 Local Law 20 and MOU]
  • The law saving most of the fire boxes and requiring all remaining boxes to be voice-activated [1996 Local Law 35]
  • Regulating the sale and possession of box cutters [1998 Local Law 22]
  • Prohibiting the sale or transfer of handguns without a safety locking device [1998 Local Law 21]
  • Religious Vandalism Law [1986 Local Law 13]
  • Illegal Posting Law [1985 Local Law 30]
  • Establishes Rebuttable Presumption for Illegal Posting [1993 Local Law 111]
  • Computers in Schools
  • Set fair prices charged to owners for sidewalk replacement [1987 Local Law 48]
  • Regulate Noisy Power Tools [1996 Local Law 6]
  • Licenses/Regulates booting companies [1997 Local Law 88; 1995 Local Law 24]
  • Legislation to set water and sewer rates after the Council adopts the budget (passed Council, vetoed by Mayor) [1994 Int. No. 72-A]
  • Proposed clean water law 
  • In-place asbestos regulation [1987 Local Law 21]
  • Solid waste reduction measures
  • Local Law 19 regulations and implementation

City Council Speeches, Statements and Newsletters:

  • Two-Cities template (see highlighted text, page 2) in West Cunningham Park Civic speech (April 30, 1997)

Capital Budget Projects:

  • Technology in Schools/ Computer Labs/ in Classrooms [PS26Q, PS 33Q, PS35Q, PS46Q, PS115Q, PS133Q, PS135Q, PS186Q, PS188Q, PS191Q, PS203Q, PS205Q, PS213Q PS221Q and IS109Q, Cardozo H.S., Martin Van Buren High School, Queensborough Community College] (Note: ALL schools in district got State-of-the-Art Computer labs)
  • Libraries [Bellerose, Fresh Meadows, Glen Oaks, Hollis (ADA), North Hills, Queens Village (ADA), Windsor Park]
  • Parks & Playgrounds [Alley Pond, Cunningham Park PS18Q, PS26Q PS33Q, PS46, PS135, MS67Q, IS74,PS115, PS133Q, MS158Q, MS172Q, PS186Q, PS188Q, PS203Q, PS 205Q, PS213Q, Alley-Athletic, Glen Oaks Oval, McLaughlin Playground, P. Pond, Queens Farm Museum, Memorial Field]
  • School projects [PS18Q IS74Q, MS 172Q, PS191Q, PS203Q, PS221Q, Martin Van Buren]
  • Streets & Flood Relief [Floral Park Street reconstruction, Bayside Hills, Queens Village bet Hillside/ Ja Aves., Springfield to 211 Street, 77th Avenue Bayside, 77th Crescent, (outside) PS98Q, 53rd Avenue, 210-213th Streets]

Expense Budget Programs:

  • Youth Programs [PS18, PS26, PS46, IS109Q, PS135, PS178, PS186, PS188, PS203, PS205, PS213, IS109, Cardozo, Bayside, Francis Lewis, American Martyrs, Pride of Judea, APEC, Our Lady of Blessed Sacrament, Our Lady Of Lourdes (Queens Village Catholic Youth Center)]
  • Seniors [SNAP, Samuel Field Y, JBFCS/PRIDE, QJCC]

Traffic Safety and Community:

  • Rest on Red Traffic Lights at Langdale Street and 80th Avenue and 86th Avenue and 249th Street
  • Traffic Signals at Hillside Avenue at 205th and 204th Streets, Little Neck Parkway at 59th Avenue
  • Hillside Avenue at 235 Court; Bell Blvd. and 64th Ave.; and Northern Blvd. at 249 Street.
  • "All-way Stop" at 64th Avenue and Cloverdale Blvd, 81st and 83rd Avenues at Langdale Street
  • new Waldbaums supermarket for Glen Oaks

Copies of original statements are available on request.