Corey B. Bearak

    Government & Public Affairs Counsel                                     Attorney-At-Law

(718) 343-6779     facsimile (888) 379-3492

Government & Public Affairs Counsel

(718) 343-6779
facsimile (888) 379-3492


Bronx Borough President Projects

For Borough President Fernando Ferrer, drafted/initiated:

  • $.04/day Personal Income Tax for Afterschool Programs
  • Affordable housing plan (Daily News op-ed)
  • Alternatives to Incarceration Plan (released 12/7/01)
  • Budget/Fiscal Reform Plan (includes capital)
  • Buildings Department reform
  • 10-point plan to re-engineer CCRB as an independent NYPD monitor
  • Census count accuracy
  • City Hall Access
  • Clean Air Plan (news release), 10-point strategic plan
  • Clean Water bill (news release)
  • Community Policing Plan (news release)
  • Co-op/Condo Tax Relief
  • Financing for Education Plan
  • Empower CCRB to assume prosecution functions (news release)
  • Foreign Terrorist Organizations, Ban on Banking and Doing Business with [2001 Int. No. 1017] (news release)
  • Gun Safety 9-Point Plan
  • Index SCRIE & SCHE to COLA legislation [2004 A.06538] (news release)
  • Racial Profiling Legislation [2001 Int. No. 975, 2004 Int. No. 142 passed as Int. No. 142-B, enacted as 2004 Local Law 30]
  • Real Estate Tax Reform (5/28/02: Finance Commissioner Martha Stark referred to it as "The Corey Bearak plan" at City Council Hearing); (Plan released in 2005 mayoral campaign)
  • Transportation (franchised buses, token booths, V/F/G, 2nd Ave. Subway)
  • Voting Reform
  • Water Rate Setting bill [2004A.03791; 2003 Int. 404] (2004 and 2001 news releases)
  • Water Rate relief for seniors legislation [2004A.06495/S.111] (news release)

Not released but drafted:

  • Graffiti Cleanup legislation

For Borough President Adolfo Carrion, drafted/initiated:

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